Article 1 - Power of Abstract Art!

Some of the common questions people keep asking me.

Abstract Art…seems attractive…very easy to do…my 8 year old kid does it everyday and what is so great about it?...we never understand it…My friends would never get it…my family may keep guessing,”What’s wrong with me”… and on..and on..and on. And I can see the biggest fear in them of mockery and criticism.

So the million dollar question is … what is Abstract Art going to do to me?..How is it going to help and why should I try it?..what’s in there for me?

One of answers I derived after much explorations in years is as follows –

One of the definition of Art is “Mastering simplicity”.  Art can train us to make simplicity as the aesthetic value of life. Simple lines, forms, space and colour can make amazing art. I believe that Art simply happens, one does not do it. Every moment spent in the studio with a canvas and brush creates a much needed channel for creative expressions to flow. This channel is the conduit in where Art simply flows from the soul through feelings and influences onto the canvas.  I feel mind and intelligence have no roles to play in Art.

Research has shown that often Mind and Intelligence have created more problems than providing solutions. It can kill intuitions, honest expressions and innocence. Since childhood I have found Schools, Colleges, Universities, Homes and Holy-Shrines which make our society, have a strong leaning towards ‘impressing’ rather than ‘expressing’. They are all busy in explanations rather than experiences. Pages of information have been mistaken for wisdom. Qualifications have been misunderstood as knowledge. And this has made us live with Hypocrisy. Materialistic life has pushed us into the deadly competition which is fueled by emotions, jealousy, ego and selfishness. This is where in all good measures, I beg to differ and dare to cut across. I believe in expressing rather than impressing.  And Abstract Art has this power to express yourself.

Research has also shown that we human beings communicate only about 35-37% of our time with others (external communication) and the remaining 63-65% of time we communicate with ourselves(internal communication), We keep talking to ourselves…We keep thinking. Have you ever observed What do you talk to yourself?. We often restrain ourselves to express our feeling, likes and dislikes and try to manipulate as per people around us. Even though we may be right, or we may disagree with others, we are forced to change our views just trying to either impress others or feeling weak and suppressed. Living compulsions take away from us our much needed communication to bloom naturally ourselves. And in this process the “Self” is suppressed so much that we almost feel the vacuum.  So we very much look around us for a channel to express our-self, we want to talk nice to ourselves and feel the best about ourselves without any botheration of being judged or criticized. “We need a channel to say the unsaid”. And I say, “Art helps you develop all the courage needed to shred the fear of expression.”

Abstract Art has this power to help us communicate with ourselves and express freely. It helps us discover ourselves brilliantly so that we can connect and relate ourselves with the world and with the nature. All great artists have followed this path. They discovered themselves, communicated with themselves and related themselves with the nature. That is why I say Art is very divine and spiritual. They were never bothered about success, about sales, about exhibitions. They never feared mocking or criticism. They never let external factors influence or govern them. They never were slaves of others opinions. They developed a capacity to listen to their intuitions and express them freely in the most artistic way. They simply developed a great relationship with their own-self. And that is why they could create masterpieces. They kept exploring and working with their expressions with so much devotion that Art chose them as “Great artists”. 

So I once again welcome you all to this workshop and develop that unique visual language to communicate with yourself and be that unique “YOURSELF”



Article 2- How to choose your Art subject and develop your visual language?

This is the most simple question with the most complicated answer.  This has been one of the crucial topics of my research and self realization. And in this course I have spoken to many senior artists, philosophers, tried to dig the spiritual contents, tried to understand the relationship between atma (soul), prakriti (Nature) and Paramatma(Universal power) and the learning still continues. But along the years I have developed a school of thoughts which I am sharing. I could be wrong, but it is my observation.

The whole thing can be divided into 4 general segments.

1.      What is art?

The philosophical statement can be “Mastering Simplicity is Art and Mastering Complexity is Science.”

 2.      What does art do?

Art gives you an experience while Science gives explanation

Art can express while Science can impress

Art explores and discovers ‘self’ while Science explores and discovers outside world.

 3.      What is required for art?

For any art we need three things –

1. Art knowledge, Technical know how and the basic grammar of art.

2. Creativity

3. Pratibha Sparsh(Magic artistic touch)

Any art school can teach us only the first point that is Art knowledge, Technical know how and the basic grammar of art. The second and the third aspects are born talent and individual soul’s capability. No school can train anyone for the second and third aspects. It is a born gift.  

 4.      How does the artist respond to art to develop art?

To develop any art it becomes very essential that the artist first discovers and develops himself. We all know that the Panchmahabootha (Basic five elements of life) namely the Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space (sky) are the basic components of life. Out of these 5 elements, each individual soul strongly interacts and connects to any 1 element and any 2nd element gives a supportive connection. For example I have discovered that the Earth element has a strong connection and interaction with me and the Fire element isa supportive interactive element. So we develop our liking and tastes accordingly. Ifone can discover which element he or she has the connection, then it would be easy and genuine to identify and develop one’s own art subject and visual language.  

Apart from this good or bad experiences namely family, social, religious, political and Nature since childhood also plays an important role in influencing and developing one’s own visual language. It influences your brush strokes, lines, compositions and colours. Just like how Silence is the basic ingredient for music, similarly a clean blank mind is essential for art. Then one can discover and identify his or her own path in art.

 I find artists who try to paint what sells. This approach is wrong and one should discover his or her own path. Then he or she would be termed as a successful artist.