My Philosophy


As an artist simplicity is the aesthetic value for me. Simple lines, forms, space and colour make my art. I believe that Art simply happens, one does not do it. Every moment spent in the studio with a canvas and brush creates a much needed channel for creative expressions to flow. This channel is the conduit in where Art simply flows from the soul through feelings and influences onto the canvas.  I feel mind and intelligence have no roles to play in Art.

Honest expressions and innocence are the two key influences in my art and personality. I believe in expressing rather than impressing.  Since childhood I found Schools, Colleges, Universities, Homes and Holy-Shrines which make our society, have a strong leaning towards ‘impressing’ rather than ‘expressing’. They are all busy in explanations rather than experiences. Pages of information have been mistaken for wisdom. This is where in all good measures, I beg to differ and dare to cut across.

I express my experiences through my compositions structured by lines, dots, unstructured shapes and geometric forms. Free forms inspired by Indian Folk and tribal art  make my grammar thus creating my vocabulary. My visual language is more exploratory and I try to replicate the rhythm of my intuitions.  The sincere effort has been to make a poetry of my silence and loneliness.  I’ve fallen in love with my silence and loneliness so much so that it has become a positive addiction for me.  This silence is my work zone and the birth place of my ideas.  It simply ends up as “Art Meditation” wherein I find eternal peace.